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Who We Are

When we first started out we searched for models for a photo shoot. We were quickly confronted with the cold truth of self worth. I realized as I contacted several women, that some defined worth as the shape and size of their bodies... This couldn’t be further from the truth! Beauty isn’t defined by how trim our waist is, the color of our hair, how well we apply makeup, or how many friends we have on social media. Our true worth and beauty starts on the inside and eventually shines through on the outside! We were each created completely different, and for good reason! How boring would the world be if we all looked similar?! So Strike a pose, show those pearly whites, and be confident in who you are!

At Beauty’s Beastly Closet we want women of any shape, size, and budget to feel confident and beautiful. Because let’s face it YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! So let your inside show a little and dress yourself like you deserve, beautifully!


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